3DPainter for Animation:Master (Windows, Intel Mac), 99$

3DPainter for A:M is a 3D Paint program that loads Animation:Master models.

The Projection Paint mode allows you to paint over seams and other areas that are difficult to paint using a 2D paint program.

With the Bitmap Tool, you can paste images loaded from file directly onto the model.

Paint on models decalled in Animation:Master or use the automapping feature for the quick'n'dirty decalling work.

3DPainter can be launched as a standalone application or from withing Animation:Master, using a plugin (available for A:Mv18).

For more information, see the features section or have a look at the user submitted images and the screenshots.

Images by Stian Ervik Wahlvåg, Fabrice Favé, William Sutton, Ken Heslip, Emilio Le Roux and John Henderson. See gallery for more.

3DPainter 1.5.3 is now available for download!