3DPainter for Animation:Master (Windows, Intel Mac), 99$
  • Loads Animation Master .mdl files
  • Loads/Saves bmp, tga, jpg, png, tif, iff and pcx textures
  • Use as standalone application or launch from inside A:M using plugin (plugins for A:Mv18 available)

Paint Modes
  • Projection paint mode (project to all or only visible pixels, area growth option, front and back side, opacity falloff...)
  • 3D paint mode
  • UV paint mode

Brush System
  • Brush controls (size, spacing, opacity, hardness)
  • Generic brush or brush defined by alpha channel of bitmap
  • Three blend modes for brushes
  • Turn on/off pressure sensitivity for brush size and/or opacity

  • Brush tool (paint, lighten, darken, add transparency, remove transparency)
  • Flood fill (with opacity, tolerance & soft-fill option)
  • Clone tool (aligned or non-aligned)
  • Line tool (single or connected)
  • Soften tool
  • Paste bitmaps loaded from file
  • Color picker tool

Automatic Decal Mapping
  • Automatic decalling of model by tiled UV mapping (to be used in combination with projection paint)

User Interface
  • Multiple undo/redo
  • Use existing groups from model for hiding/locking
  • OpenGL rendering
  • Tablet support/pressure sensitivity (for Wacom and other Wintab compatible tablets)
  • Turn on/off lighting
  • Color swatches
  • Multiple ways to specify color (RGB, HSV, CMY,...)