3DPainter for Animation:Master (Windows, Intel Mac), 99$

Pixosaur 3DPainter is the perfect companion software for Animation:Master. Being able to paint directly on the A:M model feels as intuitive as painting a real world model-kit using an airbrush or paint brush. It turns what used to be a technical and tedious task, into something FUN!

William Sutton, Zandoria Studios

Well, it's finally here! For quite some time I've eyed the plethora of 3D paint programs in the poly world with envy. Now Filip has worked virtual miracles as his software handles any size or shape of patch possible in A:M. Even hooks! I believe this software equals A:M's ease of use and the interface is just as sublime. It just works without getting in the way. This tool is one of the bigger pivotal moments in the long history of A:M. I really hope Filip is rewarded for his hard work. He certainly deserves all our suppport.

Ken Heslip, modeler/animator

Now that it's out in the open I can say that I think this software is superb. It has evolved tremendously over the development stage. Used with A:M's traditional decalling setup the texturing is simple and quick. While the paint tools are relatively simple, they provide a solid toolset. It still needs a modicum of skill to get a great result, but it's a hell of a lot easier and faster. While the auto tiles features has some shortcomings, it also has many strengths. The border seams remove most continuity artifacts (especially if you double the seam borders) and a sufficiently high resolution decal allows rectangular and square patches to coexist happily. Complex items like trees and characters become easy to decal and paint. It allows you to paint objects you might have left untextured simply because it's so easy. I've been using it on my TabletPC for months and it's great fun. It may not be perfect, but it's a damn sight better than anything A:M users have had in the past. And it's just the beginning ;)

John Henderson, Artbox Animation

With 3D Painter, it's now very easy to paint your objects. I like a lot the possibility to make the automatic UV and use the projection paint, no more need to make UV maps in A:M, it's really very useful. Adding channels like color, bump, specular, etc... and using tools like the customized brushes and the soften tool with my Wacom tablet makes 3DPainter an essential application for Animation:Master.

Fabrice Favé