3DPainter for Animation:Master (Windows, Intel Mac), 99$
Image Previews in Windows Explorer and 3DPainter

Ever been bothered by the fact that Windows Explorer and the file dialogs in your applications don't show thumbnail previews of certain image types, such as tga? This free tool by Koshigaya Studios allows you to add support for a lot of additional types (tga, psd,...).

The Gimp

The Gimp is a powerful free image editor. The Gimp (or other image editors) can be very useful to extend the feature set of 3DPainter:

  • Open your model in 3DPainter.
  • Enter projection paint mode.
  • Export the reference layer.
  • Open the reference layer in The Gimp.
  • Paint using the tools of The Gimp and save the resulting image back to file.
  • Import the image into 3DPainter and project it onto your model.
You can also use The Gimp to make alpha channels for your brushes.